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Beijing Fanzhidu Educational Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is among the first Batch of Chi-nese Government recognized Overseas Education Consulting Agencies approved by the Chinese Ministry or Education, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the Chinese Bureau of Indus-try and Commerce. Fanzhidu is a professional agency, during 18 years of development we have set up 20 branch companies in major cities and provinces in China. We also have successfully handled more than ten thousand student and immigration applications. The success rate for ob-taining the visas is over 96%.

As the only educational consulting company that works closely with all the Universities in New Zealand to recruit students in China, we have also built up long-term and reliable relationship with more than 500 educational institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Korea, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Argen-tina, Brazil and Scandinavian countries. There are more than 200 rich experienced consultants and senior experts in our company and 90% of them have overseas training and study abroad experi-ence. They provide tailor-made plans to each prospective student according to unique education system of different countries.

Our company provides immigration service to Canada, The United States, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany as well as The Netherlands. We also provide elites at home with professional immigration service of different nationalities

Beijing Fanzhidu International, affiliated with Beijing Fanzhidu Educational Informational Con-sulting Co., Ltd was established in 2001. The school is committed to maintaining small class sizes and more than 80% of teachers hold a master’s degree or higher , among whom 85% have studied or trained abroad. The school helped students improve their English and comprehensive knowl-edge capabilities in all aspects, which in particular offered a language and mental preparation for study abroad students. Meanwhile, the school introduced world-class educational programs and worked closely with Universities in other countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Italy and Austria, which provide economic and time saving green channels for study abroad students. Through continuous effort these past years, our school has become stronger, step-by-step. The school has developed and now offers a combination of child programming, jun-ior high school, high school, college and adult language training, specialized and academic course examination for the fine art students, comprehensive improvement of foreign language ability, focused skills improvement, guidance and assistance for all kinds of local and international study abroad examinations, winter and summer camps, international preparatory courses, enterprise training, and international sports events and cultural exchange.

The Experience of eighteen years sets a solid foundation for the company’s development. We will hold the service ideal “customer comes first” for good, and we will provide high quality, fast and professional service for individuals who want to study and immigrate abroad with a strong sense of responsibility and rigorous career standard.

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